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Does Sportkin provide support on a Sunday.

 Sportkin provides support 7 days a week.

I received an invite, however I cannot join the acitivity. Why ?

Because the date and time of the activity has already elapsed.

or the invitation has been revolked and the initiator has change the privacy settings as to what level of connections are able to participate.

Does it cost to add a location on sportkin?

Generally - it's Free.

Option 1 - For A FREE listing
Sign up and then log-in to Sportkin to Add each location separately. (You are more than welcome to create your own profile or have your website developer to create a full profile at no additional cost)
Click here to see how it's done step by step tutorial. 

Option 2 - Sportkin will add the Listing for you @ $10 Per location.

Option 3 - Sportkin will create a complete profile, We will create a professional looking profile @ $100 per Location.
The Profile will explain all about your club, and will include the benefits of joining and any special content which you request for us to add, that will be done.

Option 4 - One Page Site @ $154.00 once of setup fee plus 2.8% commission on each member who registers through Sportkin.  - Ask Sportkin to Create a complete profile, and include the option to integrate Sportkin's Member Management application. So both Members & Families and clubs can manage their registrations, renewals and keep track of all payments receipts.  (Currently supports Paypal, and Bendigo bank) If your club would like to chose this option Sportkin can perform bank merchant account integration within 3 working days)  Recommended for smaller clubs and organizations who which to have members join their club online, or for clubs who wish to use Sportkin solely for the purpose of a website.

Option 4 - Sportkin will create a complete professional looking profile, will facilitate state of the art club/association membership management utiliity as part of this package, Sportkin will deduct a 2.8% vendor toll from each transaction only via sportkin, allowing your club to have another avenue for new members.

What else can my sportkin club profile do ?

Here's a quick demo - It´s just to give you a quick idea -  Why not ask your web designer to make your profile stand out at sportkin.

  1. Sportkin Individual member Profile
  2. Sportkin Team profile (Requires Club/Association Registration)
  3. Sprtkin Club Profile
  4. Free Sportkin Org Profile - One page Profile
  5. Sportkin Club website
  6. Sportkin Association Website


What payment gateways does sportkin currently support

Currently Sportkin is compatable wit the following payment merchant gateways: 

  1. Bendigo Bank - Australia
  2. Paypal - International

If you have a specific gateway that you are obligated to use, sportkin can integrate with your existing merchant account. This can be setup witin 3 working days from confirmation.

What is the setup cost to use sportkin so i can manage my club or organisation?

The minimum cost is $154.00 to setup a club managament account, plus 2.8% commission on each member who registers through Sportkin.

Sportkin Reccomends that you setup a complete sportkin profile for your club at sportkin location

Where can i go to to learn more about sportkin Org managament ?

To Learn More about Sportkin competition management go to:

1./  http://www.sportkin.com/info/sport-management.php/
(ensure you have a flash enabled device)
2./ Click More Info - Learn more about Sportkin
3./ Click on Watch Demo

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